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On-Demand Video
"Learn at Home or Work"

On-Demand Video is NOT a Webinar!

Each of our seminars (both FREE and for fee) is made available on video for your convenience. If you have a high speed internet connection (Cable, WIreless, DSL, etc) you too can learn from our seminars at your convenience and in the comfort of your home or at work (maybe during your lunch hour).

Unlike a webinar which makes you view the video at a specific time on a specific day whether it meets your schedule or not, our On-Demand Video seminars allow you to view a seminar as many times as you like during a 7-day window.

Each of our seminars is broken up into one hour segments, then into 15-minute Parts. This way, you do not have to scroll through the entire video in order to get back to the place where you left off, should you be called away in the middle of the video.

When you register for one of our On-Demand Videos, you will be emailed a UserID/Password and an Internet link to our Video site in a Registration Confirmation email which will allow you to view the video series using your internet browser. However, these On-Demand Videos are intended only for folks who have registered with us. Thank you for not sharing your link or security information with anyone else outside your agency.

When you are ready to view your On-Demand Video seminar, simply paste the link from our Registration Confirmation email into your internet browser (tested with Internet Explorer and Netscape) and enter your UserID and Password at the Security Dialog box. Click OK.

Give the player a couple of seconds to load into your browser. In the upper left hand corner of the player, click on the Main Folder if it is not already open. You will note that the entire video is broken up into 15 minute Parts. Your Student Guide (sent as an attachment to your Registration Confirmation Email) will indicate approximately where these parts start and end.

If you find that a 7-day window isn't enough for your situation (some On-Demand Video seminars are very comprehensive), don't worry. Simply email us and we will attempt to expand your window for you.

While On-Demand Video Seminars are especially convenient and 'comfortable', watching a video is not the same as attending the Live Seminar in person. Likewise, a question from the audience may not be picked up by our microphones. The audience question is usually repeated for you unless the topic will be, or already has been covered. You won't miss anything.

Thank you for your interest in our On-Demand Video Seminars.